Tango DJ David Liu, Boston, Washington DC

One of David Liu's special milongas in Boston with many great dancers, some drove a few hours to attend

Tango DJ David Liu, currently in Boston, is a favorite of many dancers in the US North East / New England corridor. Playing a delightful mix of tango music and new discoveries, David can DJ for your milonga.

Providing argentine tango DJing, equipment rental (sound system, small tables, table clothes), and special event production services. For availability and rates, email or call David Liu, [email protected], (617) 771-2554.

Some photos of events organized and DJed by David are available on the Tango Lounge Ball page. Scroll down to see the crowd at a special Tango Lounge event.


2013, Montreal, Studio Tango on Feb 3, Feb 24, June 16

2011 Fall - 2012 Spring, Washington DC, Dupont Circle Milonga on Sundays

February 7, 2009 - April 2011, Washington DC, Chevy Chase Ballroom in Bethesda on Sundays

January 1, 2011, Boston, Tango Paradiso at Springstep

November 7, 2009, Boston, Tango Paradiso at Springstep

March 19, 2009, Washington DC, Washington Tango Marathon festival, Thursday milonga

January 28, 2009, Washington DC, Milonga de ARTe @ Civilian ART Projects (7th Street NWbetween E St and D St)

January 3, 2009, Boston, Tango Paradiso Boston at Springstep

December 26, 2008, Boston, Vida Mia Milonga Arlington MA, border to Cambridge

December 21, 2008, Washington DC, Comme Il Faut Sunday night milonga at Local 16 (U and 16th St NW)

December 20, 2008, Washington DC, Viviana Tango Saturday night milonga in DC

December 11, 18, 2008, Washington DC, Dance Tango for Peace fundraiser in Georgetown at the Peace Mural Foundation

September, October 20, December 15, 2008, Washington DC, Tango Zen Milonga on 1st and 3rd Mondays in Bethesda

October 31, 2008, Washington DC, Special Halloween Milonga @ Potomac Boat Club near Georgetown area D.C.

August 17, 2008, Baltimore, Baltimore Tango Festival

December 1, 2007, Boston, Tango Paradiso in Cambridge

November 12, 19, 26, 2007, Washington DC, Sabores Milonga

September 22, 2007, Montreal, Tango Fabrika Milonga

February 18, March 11, July 29, 2007, Baltimore, DJ at Gardel's Restaurant and Nightclub

May 6, 2007, Montreal, DJ at the Neo Tango Festival

May 5, 2007, Boston, special Tango Paradiso bringing live music of Mandragora Tango

February 24, 2007, Chicago, DJ at Tango Pow-Wow , All night milonga

January 12, 2007, special anniversary Tango Lounge milonga, celebrating three years at Springstep!

December 2, 2006, Tango Paradiso, Sunderland style
with live music by Ben Bogart y los Gatos Azules, www.losgatosazules.com/

November 18, 2006, Montreal
DJ at Tango Fabrika Milonga

November 4, 2006, Boston: DJ at Tango Festival Tango de los Muertos (Festival of Argentine Music and Dance), Saturday night milonga

August 12, 2006, Washington DC: DJ at Inaugural Saturday Milonga Portena at the Bethesda Dance Center (hosted by Viviana and Isidoro Levinson of Viviana Tango)

August 5, 2006, Boston: Tango Lounge Ball, Milonga + Workshops ball.tangolounge.org

July 23, August 13, 2006, Baltimore MD: DJ at Gardel's Restaurant and Nightclub

July 8, 2006, Washington DC: DJ at the Saturday Milonga Portena at Du-Shor Dance Studio

April 29, 2006, DJ all night milonga at Bailatango's Boston Meets New York Tango Weekend

April 21, 2006, Tango Lounge Spring Milonga at Springstep

January 13, 2006, Special Anniversary TANGO LOUNGE Milonga

September 30, 2005, DJ Boston-Montreal Tango Days, Friday milonga

June 19, 2005, DJ Boston Tango Festival, Sunday milonga

June 4, 2005, inaugural Tango Paradiso milonga

April 30, 2005, Special Milonga - Tango Lounge Ball

Jan 14 2005, Special Milonga - Tango Lounge Anniversary

August 14 2004, workshops with Caleb Cain Marcus and Ting Chin of liquidtango.com

Jan 9 2004, inaugural Tango Lounge milonga, at Springstep, Medford MA. Springstep is 5 minutes drive from Boston downtown

2003, Karoun Milonga, at Newton MA

2001 - 2002, WPI Milonga, Worcester MA


Restaurants near Springstep, Medford MA 2006, April

Montreal tango, short travel guide 2005, September

A computer DJ's sound system 2005, January

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