Tango Lounge and Springstep Membership

We hope you have been enjoying Tango Lounge and Tango Paradiso, both happening at Springstep. You probably know that we put a lot of work into creating and organizing these elegant events, but you might not know that these events wouldn't be possible without Springstep's contributions.

Springstep is actually a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting people and celebrating cultures through dance, which is why they subsidize events such as Tango Lounge and Tango Paradiso by offering their amazing facility at low costs and their assistance in promoting events.

I hope you can help support Springstep by becoming a member.

  • Springstep memberships are fully tax-deductible.

  • As a member at any level, you'll receive a pair of complementary social dancing tickets.

  • You can also take classes at Springstep for discounted rates.

You can become a member online at www.springstep.org or by calling the Springstep offices at 781-395-0402. Make sure to tell them you want to support Tango Lounge.

By becoming a member you will ensure Springstep and the many great events that happen there are here in the future.

the Tango Lounge Crew

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