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As of December 2009, the second Friday milonga in Boston is run by my Tango Lounge co-host Adriana Pinto as Milonga Tanguera!. See Boston Community Tango Calendar for dates.

Upcoming events with DJ David Liu

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If you are new to tango, please check out some Beginner tango lessons

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OLD INFO below for historical record.

Tango Lounge took place at Springstep from Jan 2004 to Jan 2007.

From February 2007, after three years at Springstep, the second Friday milonga, formerly known as Tango Lounge, now takes on new hosts and a new name. Milonga Naranja was hosted by Morenotango and it continued until November 13, 2009.

2009 to current: see top of page.

OLD Tango Lounge info below

MILONGA (old info)

Tango Lounge is a monthly Boston tango dance (also called a Milonga) that happens on the Second Friday of each month.

The next Milonga Naranja (in the same time of former Tango Lounge) is on March 9, 2007
Additional TangoLounge dates

Join us for a fantastic evening of dancing to enticing tangos and new discoveries in a great space with floating hardwood floors and built-in custom sound system. Refreshments provided.

Milonga 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM, DJ David Liu
$10 milonga, $10 lesson, $15 lesson and milonga.
students with valid ID $2 off


Lesson by Carlos and Tova, Tango Lounge third anniversary milonga January 12, 2007

By instructors Tova and Carlos Moreno of Morenotango or guest instructors. See their bio at morenotango.com

8-9 PM
This class will refine and enhance your tango vocabulary and styling. Monthly topics will include elements such as sacadas, ganchos and boleos (as well as overlooked variations) and incorporating these elements into a musical, expressive dance. No partner necessary. Pre-requisites: a general understanding of and ability with structure, rules and movements of tango.

The pre-requisites translates to at least 3 months of beginning level classes and at least 6 months of social dancing at practicas and milongas. Please see below if you are new to tango.

$10 lesson, $15 lesson and milonga

BEGINNER'S Tango Lesson
If you have never danced argentine tango before, we recommend that you take some beginner's lessons first. We recommend:

- Carlos and Tova offer tango lesson in Cambride and Jamaica Plain. morenotango.com

- Simonida offers tango lesson in Cambridge and Boston. tangoaffair.com

- Springstep offers a beginner's argentine tango lesson by Abaigeal Duda. Go to their Course Catalog for more information. www.springstep.org


98 George P. Hassett Drive, Medford, MA
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Directions to Springstep.
Information on public transportation is also available.

Tango Lounge takes place at Springstep, 5 minutes drive from Boston downtown. It's right off Interstate 93 and hotels are as close as one block away.

Springstep is a state-of-the-art dance and performance facility in Medford, it has floating sprung wood floors (comfy!), high quality sound system, and ample free parking.


Tango Lounge is brought to you by David Liu, Adriana Pinto, and Eve
(Designed by Eve, Adriana, and David)

Tango Lounge is sponsored partly by the non-profit organization Springstep (www.springstep.org)

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Directions to Springstep. Information on public transportation is also available.

For more place to learn and dance tango in boston, go to tango.havetodance.com or www.bostontango.com for the Boston Tango Calendar. Typically, Blue Milonga (bluetango.org) follows Tango Lounge. Also check out our Tango links.

Milonga takes place in this cool room - the Medium Studio

Tango Lounge at Springstep, Friday January 9, 2004

Tova and Carlos performing at Tango Lounge, Friday March 12, 2004

LiquidTango's Caleb + Ting performing at Tango Lounge, Friday August 13, 2004

Intermediate tango lesson taught by Carlos and Tova on April 9, 2005

Special production - Tango Lounge Ball

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