DayLightPix uses top of the line equipment. Most images are captured with Hasselblad or Nikon F-class cameras. Large-format cameras are used for billboard-sized output. Cameras are supported by both studio and portable lighting equipment.

DayLightPix produces finished outputs from thumbnails to wall-sized prints of the most vivid colors and sharpness. Outputs are also available in a variety of digital formats. A number of digital services are also available, including digital photography.

> Hasselblad Only Packages (Wedding & Events)
> 35mm Packages (Wedding & Events)
> Digital Services (retouching & more)
> General Professional Photography
> Prints and Albums

Film and processing costs are included in every Wedding & Events package.

Contact: [email protected] or 617.771.2554
General Professional Photography Services
  DayLightPix provides general professional services including commercial photography (photographing your business and your product), on-location portrait and photography of wedding, parties, and other special occasions.

DayLightPix will work with you on schedule and budget. No client is too big and no client is too small. Contact DayLightPix for a free consultation and a free estimate of your project.

Note: Discount available for certain non-profit organizations. Contact DayLightPix for more details.

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