DayLightPix uses top of the line equipment. Most images are captured with Hasselblad or Nikon F-class cameras. Large-format cameras are used for billboard-sized output. Cameras are supported by both studio and portable lighting equipment.

DayLightPix produces finished outputs from thumbnails to wall-sized prints of the most vivid colors and sharpness. Outputs are also available in a variety of digital formats. A number of digital services are also available, including digital photography.

> Hasselblad Only Packages (Wedding & Events)
> 35mm Packages (Wedding & Events)
> Digital Services (retouching & more)
> General Professional Photography
> Prints and Albums

Film and processing costs are included in every Wedding & Events package.

Contact: [email protected] or 617.771.2554
Digital Services
  Digital Photography
DayLightPix uses the best professional digital cameras, some of which can produce images up to 48 Megapixels (when most digital cameras produces images that are 4 Megapixels or below). Turnaround time is short and possibilities are endless.

This is a custom package designed and priced according to your requirements.

Digital Imaging
Photo restoration, retouching, conversion of color originals into black & white, plus almost anything you can think of are available at the rate of $75 per hour.

Design Services
Like our web site or our business card? They are designed in house. DayLightPix can also design for you. Design services available at the rate of $60 per hour or by quote for individual projects.

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